This website shows some recent (and older) paintings and drawings.

      The next exhibition will be of Bodegon, date & location to be announced.

      The Salcey Oaks pictures were exhibited in May 2011 at Abbott & Holder in London.
Full-size prints of the paintings, on watercolour paper, are available for £180 from the email address below -
      (£25 goes to the
Woodland Trust).

      The Paper Bags were exhibited at Candid Arts Trust, Angel, Islington in November 2007.

      The Washing-Line Portraits were exhibited there in May 2005.

      The Chetwynd Road pictures are from an exhibition in an earlier era, jointly making up a portrait of one
      London Street.

      Other paintings can be seen at the Bridgeman Art Library.
      Nicholas Bowlby has some pictures for sale, as does the Summerleaze Gallery.
      A year spent at the Prince's Drawing School in Shoreditch was immensely helpful.

      Commissions undertaken.

      For more information contact Miles Thistlethwaite at

      There is a train of thought about Convexity & Concavity at